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Lesson 2.6

Veterans United Credit Consulting

Credit Help

Military service can cause unique financial strains. Some prospective borrowers might have a bankruptcy or foreclosure in their past. Others may have fallen behind on credit card or mortgage payments. None of this automatically precludes you from obtaining a mortgage. But each of those can inflict major damage on your credit score and make the road to loan approval more difficult.

VA loans have more flexible and forgiving credit score requirements than other loans types. But even the score benchmarks common among VA lenders can be difficult to hit for some veterans, service members and military families.

Some lenders may simply send you packing if you fail to meet their credit score requirement.

Veterans United takes a different approach.

If you're unable to get prequalified for a VA home loan, our loan officers will connect you to a credit consultant on their team.

These credit experts can help you:

  • Identify and correct errors on your credit report
  • Take concrete steps to strengthen your overall credit profile
  • Develop goals and tactics to reduce debt

This is a complimentary, no-obligation service open only to Veterans, service members and military families. Our credit consultants will work with Veterans for weeks, months and even years – the goal is getting you in position to get prequalified for the home loan you deserve, no matter how long it takes.

Our credit consultants have helped more than 40,000 veterans and service members overcome their credit challenges and go on to close on a home loan.